Monday, December 30, 2019

Why Blocking Me On Social Media Is The Creepiest Form Of Flattery

My dear friend, 

Why you ask, am I in the least bit concerned about this topic or even for that matter writing about it? Well, to begin with, I have this blog for reasons of wanting to dissect issues of human behaviour, to deeply understand why people do what they do. Furthermore, I think if it's something that at one time has bothered the stew out of me, then I would be willing to make a million-dollar bet, some other person has had the issue as well. I'm going to tell you why folks do this and how to find the ease within yourself if it ever happens in your realm of experience. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

What A Flood Taught Me About Trust

Me, in the bathroom of the author Marjorie Rawlings Museum.
When living the law of attraction, I mean truly living it, you become very good at focusing and understanding that everything truly IS working out for you.

This is most definitely not how many folks live their lives because let's face it; most of the world lives in a deficient vibrational state. That's not a dig at anyone; it's pretty much right if you ask me.

(But Raquel, no one was asking you, honey. Err...)

What I mean is that I want to talk about something that much of the world is experiencing. Still, how when you start living the law of attraction, you significantly understand how everything that occurs is a lesson for fine-tuning, expansion, or getting what you desire.

Hence, my little story about a flood and 1970’s pink carpet.

Jeffrey owned his own home for over 20 years when we met. So, of course, when we married, I moved into his ”bachelor pad.” He kept a clean home, but to put it mildly, the house had not been updated in almost all of the 20 years he owned it. I know homeownership is costly so I don't fault him. However, I just had to get my hands on it and start redoing rooms and updating. Little by little with the money we could put out when the budget had a few extra dollars, I would start changing small things. Obviously, the painting was one thing that I could do that didn't cost a lot. The most laborious task was the time it would take to remove all the wallpaper of woeful proportions. I was drowning in 1970’s wallpaper, I mean it was everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I love wallpaper, just not dreadful 1970’s style wallpaper.

I had to be creative, and I'm good at making due and using my imagination, especially when it comes to design. I always advocate that what tou lack in financial means you make up for in creativity. Everyone has creativity, and if it doesn't come naturally, there are boatloads of inspiration on the internet. 
Wait. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the bachelor pad that I renamed ”Staffordshire Cottage.”

So I went to stripping each room of wallpaper and then disembowelled the carpet from the rooms. I started with the guest room and my office because I just couldn't bear to walk on that unpleasant pink carpet another day. All was going well, and according to plan. I revamped our bathroom, and most of the rooms remaining.  The living room and master bedroom of unsightly pink carpet were surviving. Jeffrey would not budge on me, removing the carpet from these two rooms. He felt it would look like rubbage. I assured him an excellent clean concrete with a large area rug would be much better than having the carpet. You might have just read that, and as much as I cringe in writing it, I wasn't going to be the same person that I had been in my previous marriage. Meaning that I would usually power through and do whatever I liked and then the arguing and resentment would ensue for many years. No. I'm not making witticism here. 

Just as I have stated in my blog, many times, I write as a way to clarify. When low self-worth is at the forefront of a woman, many things you might hear sounds absolutely preposterous, or that I was a very insecure person, quite incapable of living my truth. You are absolutely correct in that assumption. I seek to focus on the learning that the experience taught me.

Okay. Where was I? Oh, yes, Jeffrey did not want me to remove the carpet.   

Furthermore, I have this knowledge and as arrogant as it may sound, ” I ALWAYS ALWAYS get what I want.” In all honesty, I rested assured he would come round' to my way of thinking. I also knew that psychologically for my dearly beloved gardener me ”taking the pink carpet out" was not about me ”taking the pink carpet out.”  I have the wherewithal to know when people do or don't do something, there's always an emotional reason beneath it. {Another beautiful thing I learned by living the law of attraction.}

So each day, as much as I loathed having carpet in the living room and bedroom, I simply set my intention and asked the universe to inspire Jeffrey to come around. I also wanted to understand for myself the value of waiting and trusting God/Universe/Source? I then let it go.

A few weeks later, Jeffrey woke up for work and stepped in what I like to call the flood from heaven. It wasn't really, but our entire bedroom and closet were flooded from the master bath. There was so much water that there was no way to sop it up. Jeffrey tried sopping it up with towels, the next morning and several mornings after that. On the third day, I began to smell a light scent of mildew. (Remember, we live in Florida where humidity is nearly 100 per cent year-round. For instance, if you were to leave wet clothing in the washing machine for longer than a few hours, it will sour.) That's just the nature of living in the south.

I told  Jeffrey that I would begin removing the carpet while he was at work. He like that idea and so I removed the pink carpet from our bedroom and living room. I worked for hours bagging wet carpet, I then took to pulling the nail carpet stripping from the perimeters. I swept and cleaned it up. I was never happier. {wink wink}

So, the next morning, I {secretly} set the personal intention that I would find some area rugs at the thrift store. I did not want just any throw rugs either. They had to be gigantic, inexpensive, and antique. I know, right? 

Now, what I'm about to tell you is proof that if we trust the universe we will always get what we want and we don't have to settle.

I decided to go to the thrift store and went straight to the section where they have rugs. A star from heaven shown down in the barrel. Could I really be seeing a needlepoint area rug in the size of an 8' x 10'! It didn't have a price on it, and I thought, here's the caveat. I couldn't afford it.  I had seen rugs there before, and they were around 3' x 5' and approximately 35 dollars, sometimes much more. I called for an assistant to help me identify a price. A nice gentleman came over to me, complimented my smile, looked at the rug, then looked at me and said $9.00. Nine DOLLARS! I took the tab that he gave me and went and paid for it immediately. I was swishing to that parking lot with speed while my petticoat was flying about the air. I called Jeffrey and told him he needed to come and pick up the large needlepoint rug for our family room. I was ecstatic! Now, that's not even the end of this story, yet.

I used to sell items on the app called offer up. I'm not that active on it, so I don't pay much attention to notifications, to be quite honest. However, about a week after my thrift store finds, I received a message on offer up from a woman asking about a Papasan chair that she wanted to purchase. I think it had been listed for about three months or longer. 

We agreed to a price. The lady was a complete dear and such a kind person from the few messages we had exchanged. She came over the next day to retrieve the chair she wanted to buy. I helped her carry the three pieces out to her SUV. She opened the back hatch and began apologising while she began sliding five rolled-up genuine antique rugs that she had been lugging around for three months. As I watched her shovelling them about, I inquired where she had found such gorgeous rugs and oh my what beauties. {I can spot an authentic antique from twenty miles away, heh}. She began telling me that her fiance' had told her she needed to get rid of them because he thought they were old, ugly and the rugs just wouldn't work with the style of their new home. She said she had carried them around in her truck for over three months because they were her grandmothers and she couldn't bear to donate them. She then looked at me and said, ”would you like to have them?” I nearly fainted. I couldn't stop complimenting her on how much I was appreciative and comforting her that I would cherish those area rugs for always. There are a few small holes in one and a large stain on another. However, I know the stain I can get out with a simple cleaning, and I believe the holes add character.  You would think these rugs came straight from Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm in England. I know I've seen two that look very similar to the ones in Beatrix's home. 

Now, that, my friends Is a the synchronicity of the gods! Is it not!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Saturday, December 21, 2019

How A Victorian Woman Wears Makeup

"And, after dressing for the evening, look again at your reflection in the mirror, and study the effect. Do you resemble a painted doll or an elegant woman? Is the expression killed by cosmetics or improved?" ~Gems of Deportment, 1881

My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let us have a chat about makeup, shall we? 
As a woman that has had extremely fair skin for my entire life {except for those few summers that I felt such pressure living in the south that I caved and signed up for the tanning booth}, I have always loved having fair skin. My skin is so fair that my veins show through. Did, you know that some women would draw veins to look paler? So as I was studying the research more in-depth for this post, I came to realise that were I to have lived in the Victorian era, I would have had admirable skin colouring {smile}. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Happy Victorian Christmas

My dear friends, 

Might you pour some tea and let us have a visit. I am having some peachy Teavana with half of a chocolate muffin. It's been quite muggy, rainy and cold out, and I welcome it to the most considerable degree, as It makes me feel as though I'm down the lane from Beatrix Potter's home; Hill Top.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

5 Tips To Manifesting Your Treasure Chest Of Money

My dear friends and mermaid junkies, 

A Victorian lady would dare never think of not being an exceptional housekeeper. If you were to fiddle with such information, you’d come to understand ‘keeping house’ is pertinent no matter the status of her affairs.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Diary | Why A Victorian Christmas And My Daily Thoughts This Week

My Dear friends, 

To begin this post, I first wanted to tell you that I published another new podcast episode. I publish podcast episodes every Tuesday, in which I named them "Tales on Tuesday." Cute, huh? You can skedaddle to my sidebar and tap the podcast link. If you don't mind, and you have a free minute, I would love it if you gave me a review on iTunes. It really improves my analytics and increases my ability to get more advertising. Yes, in which, that means I get paid. It's how I make my living, ya'll. So, thank you in advance, dear friends. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

A November To Remember, And My First Storybook Character Taxidermied Mouse

My dear friends and Mermaid Junkies, 

Now I'd like to tell you a little story about why I have returned to calling many of you Mermaid Junkies. 
Oh, wait, before I get going, let us have tea, shall we? I'm having a cup of earl grey creme'. I was scouring the Martha Stewart website last evening in search of a variety of new scone recipes. I bookmarked a blueberry-buttermilk recipe. I was enlivened because it pertains buttermilk. I tend to favour a receipt that has buttermilk, as it seems to taste a bit better. To me, anyway. What do you prefer?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Living Like A Victorian Lady, And My Active Pursuits For The Week

I've been collecting pieces of nature to use for our little Victorian Christmas this year.  In the Victorian days, much time was spent in preparation for the holiday. There were foods to cook, gifts to hand-make and confections to bake.
My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let's have a little visit. I am hoping you have awoken to receive my newsletter. I sent one that I thought would be short and sweet, give you wee little snippets of things I haven't written about during the week on the blog, so that It's not information or news that you've heard of already. I don't know about you, however, for me personally, I have always disliked receiving emails from most companies, and even blogs too. They seem to feel as though they are attempts to sell me something. I am all for being a businesswoman, although, I am the kind of person that I don't want things crammed down my throat, nor do I want you to send me the same rubbage that I have already seen on your blog the week prior. If I'm reading 'your' blog weekly, I genuinely don't need you to send me links to all of the posts that you wrote. I have read them already, Brenda! {smile} Call me pernickety, but that's how I feel. So, anyway, that's' why I sent what I thought was a fun newsletter. Not super long, tedious, or sales pushy and I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't receive it, please check your junk or trash folders. I haven't had but fifty per cent of recipients to open their email, so I am assuming my emails are collecting dust in your junk/trash files.

Friday, November 15, 2019

I Love Captain Jack, Let Me Count The Ways

My Dear Friends, and Mermaid Junkies,

(GOTCHA- I bet you thought this a frivolous post, but I'm no frivolous kind of gal.)

I just came out of meditation, and I'm in complete alignment. Isn't it the most beautiful feeling when in touch with our highest self?

I made a cup of tea, and I'm happy to see all of the comments from you, my dear friends.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What 2019 Taught Me About My Clothing And Style Of Dress

My dear friends and Mermaid Junkies, 

Who knew there was something called embodied cognition? I should have guessed because quite frankly I've been on a quest to understand what in the hellfire and brimstone has been emerging from my spirited yet, disenchanted wobbliness when it comes to what I'm wearing. Since childhood, I've fluctuated with my clothing. I love two separate styles, absolutely polar opposite of each other and to be quite honest with you, I NEEDED to bring this to the forefront- meaning, to blog about it, because it has started to drive me up a proverbial wall!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why I've Decided To Stay With A Blogger Template

My Dear Friends & Mermaid Junkies, 

Why am I back to calling you Mermaid Junkies? I am planning to go on a diatribe about it, so I'm keeping that for the next blog post, mmmm kay. {smile}

I'm having a cup of Chamomile extra sleepytime tea and a pumpkin bar for this evening while writing to you. I'm all nestled with my BG {Beloved Gardener}laying next to me, while I blog. Honestly, I look forward to writing every single day. If I'm not typing, I'm writing in a book, journal or on a scrap of paper somewhere. It feeds my soul, and there's nothing that makes me happier than writing- well, and painting, of course. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Why I Reunited With Instagram, But I Won't Be Following Anyone (And Why You Shouldn't Take It Personally)

My dear friends, 

I know most of you, dear readers aren't huge advocates of Instagram, so if you find this subject boring to the olympic degree, I'll understand if you'll want to skip this post.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

My Victorian Louis Vuitton Planner Systems

My dear friends, 

Do you know why I address you like that, "My dear friends" at every blog post entry? It's because, through the years while I have studied Beatrix Potter, I read that she would address her friends that way, so I thought it indeed charming, and should give it a go, too. What better way to relish in the lovely adoration than to emulate our friends and heroes? Of course, I added a bit more to my enclosures, "Most affably yours til my next swim." I was going through a branding course- one of those terrible classes that I had paid for, and sorely regret because I could've used a google search bar and learned more than throwing two hundred dollars down the toilet. But I digress. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Am I Missing My Son, or Just Out Of Alignment {A New Perspective On Death}

My dear friends, 

I am taking a moment from making my little coordinating straw hat to write up this post for you. {Smile, I love you, dear friends}. I have been working on the bonnet to match the brown work dress that I made yesterday. The straw hat will be for everyday wear. I just love a straw hat, don't you! I have already begun listening to Victorian holiday Christmas music, too. Can you believe it? If you know me well, you unquestionably can believe, huh? {smile}

As I was reminiscing while pulling rows and rows of thread from my straw weaving, I began thinking about my dear children. To be quite honest, this morning, I was alone at home and started thinking about all of the photos that were taken and the ones that never will be taken, because my darling Sawyer won't be here.

There was a Facebook memory photo that came up, and I began weeping like a small child. It's good for my soul to cry, and today it just came upon me without hindrance. I allowed myself to feel the emotions because I believe I must identify my feelings and delve into what is causing me to discern my present state. That way, I am capable of inspiring others to become aware of their emotions, too. 
Now, this may come as a shock to you. When we say we "miss" someone, it's not actually us 'missing' those that have departed. It's our soul out of alignment with self. Before you go and get your bloomers all in a bunch, {wink, wink} allow me to explain something that I learned about death, self-love and the emotion of missing.

As I was/am going through the grief of losing my son, I knew from a prior study that when we struggle in feeling a loss of someone we love, we WILL, surely cry. It's a normal human emotion of relief. Crying is the act of releasing the resistance that we have built up. Have you ever wondered why you always feel better after a good hard cry, or why you become very exhausted after weeping? It's because you have released resistance. The resistance is when we as humans push against our natural state. Our natural state is one of allowing, ease and flow. But how many times do we push hard against death or something that is happening in our life, instead of allowing it to happen? I know, for me personally, before Sawyer died I was spending almost all of my state of mind in the form of pushing against. I think it's pretty standard, to be honest. We are taught that to accomplish anything or to experience the circumstances in life, we are basically, on our own. Oh, yes, we say that we have faith in God/Source/Universe, but when it comes right down to it, how much faith are we actually possessing? I speak from my own experience here, and, well, until my son passed, I was a big talker and not much of an actual doer. I now have a new perspective, and that is one of absolute faith. I now know that Sawyer, Source/God are one in unity. I trust most ardently that I will receive all that I desire and that I am worthy of. It may sound somewhat morbid to some folks, {and if it does, they aren't my people}, but I have come to KNOW my dearest Sawyer much more so, in a way that I would have never been able to if he was still here in physical. 

I knew straight away, that to hear Sawyer through higher consciousness, that I have to be In a state of high vibration. If not, he will not be around, nor will he be able to abide with me. Here is another question for you. Have you ever wondered why that when someone you love has passed away, you never see them, or feel like they are no longer giving you signs that they are still very much alive and around you? Or that when you are upset, angry and use strong emotion towards God/Source that you feel as though your petitions aren't being heard?

When our loved ones are no longer in physical form {such as Source/God and now my Sawyer}, we can ONLY communicate with them if WE are in FULL Alignment. Sawyer, God/Source dwells on a vibrational plane that is of the highest energy, at all times. Source only sees us in our most elevated form of pure positive energy and as mighty creators {unconditional love}, so when we are crying and feeling lack, God/Source looks the other way. Not literally, but I am trying to explain the Law of Attraction in a way that makes sense without confusing the dickens out of ya. {Hehe}
For me to be able to reach for Sawyer and find him, I have to be in the highest of alignment. We are much more able to communicate with our dearly departed loved ones when we are looking for them where they are now, not how they were in human form. They are no longer looking at the way things were when they were here, they are focused on the now and eager for more to come.  They do not see or view items the same as they did. So, If you ever feel you can't see or hear someone that you want to communicate with, try to remember that we as mortals have to seek them in the state of FULL alignment.

Guaranteed, they will begin showing up all over the place. I love that I can be in alignment and always have Sawyer with me. I talk to him all of the time, and he actually plays with me. For instance, I just asked him to help me with my photos on my blog, as I was struggling with uploading. I had absolute faith, he would work it out for me, and in a matter of seconds, it began uploading. What happened? I now have total confidence in my dear boy. I trust him that he loves me still, and wants the best for me, just as God/Source does for each of us, however, when I think of my son Sawyer answering my petitions/requests I feel a high acceptance that he will always give me what I want. I have had a physical relationship with him. I remember the physicalness that was him, and I resonate with him because he was with me at one time. Not that I don't know God/Source because of course, I do, however, I have the absolute KNOWING with Sawyer because he was literally with me in mortality. Does this make sense? I think that it does to you, I hope so, anyway. Dear friends, thank you for being such lovely women that I can talk with and build such beautiful friendships with. I adore you so much!

I would love it if you shared your stories with me. Do you communicate with your dearly departed? I believe as our friendship grows, we will have more supportive unity. Our self-worth, self-love and trust will more widely develop. I'm so glad you're here. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, raquelxxx

Thursday, October 31, 2019

This Halloween Was About Something Deep In The Waters

As I was glancing over the last post, I realised how much I have missed you, ladies, in the past few days. I think I told you a few weeks ago, that I was going to be in the dentist chair getting a root canal. Well, that's where I was on Monday, and my poor mouth has been quite sore. I musn't complain about it though, as I know, I am indeed appreciative that I have the financial means to have the procedure. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Victorian 1890 Cotton Walking Skirt And Blouse

My dear friends, 

I am up bright and early once again today, happy as a clam and excited to begin sewing on my newly favoured wardrobe. Do you recall that I told you that once I started packing for our move that I was going to donate the rest of my 'modern' clothing? And what better time to do that than when you are moving, no? Well, that's what I did, and It's made me have to sew more clothing. No more putting it off, or I'll be walking around in my delicates, eeekkk. {smile}

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Victorian Views Of Nature's Autumnal Countryside And My Tasha Tudor Halloween Costume Preparation

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases which means if you click through and buy, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  

My dear friends, 

Since the gardener and I have been nesting in our temporary home, I have concentrated on my photography skills. Since I don't have a home to maintain, like "a lady of the house", I have the time to really give my undivided attention to learning techniques that I wasn't previously focused on.

As you can see, I finally ironed out some time to bake some Pumpkin Wedge Scones. Thank you to my dear friend, JoeyLeah, for the recipe; however, I ruined this batch; even though the photo looks scrumptious, I had to make another batch after this one. I also added some sugar crystals; they always make things taste better, don't they? 

Aren't my momma's Blue Danube dishes beautiful?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why I Changed The Name Of My Non~Profit To The Carter Settlement

My dear friends, 

Good Morning. Well, as of Monday, Jeffrey and I are safely put in our new 'temporary' home. When Jeffrey and I drove to our little hometown for the first time, with the car loaded of all we owned, we knew this was surely going to be an enjoyable little adventure.

This morning I am having a cup of earl grey tea, and a piece of pumpkin cake. I'm curious as to what type of loose leaf teas you're fond of? Have you found one that is especially reminiscent of England? Please share with me, as I am in a much smaller town and I think I may have to order my teas online for now on. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

How To Build Your Brand Like The Victorian Author Beatrix Potter

My dear friends,

Hello Hello! I have been speedily packing the POD, and we will be gone from our home in less than 24 hours. It seems unreal. I am indeed satisfied with my life currently, but very eager for all of the new adventures that are bubbling up for the gardener and me. I am excited to share all of it with you. I was thinking this morning after my meditation practice of how fun it will be when I take you along to start searching for our forever property. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Let Go Of The Oars

My dear friends, 

I have tea in hand. I am sipping Earl Grey and one last nibble of my pumpkin spice cookies that I baked a few days ago. I was desperate for some pumpkin spice chai, too, but the store was utterly sold out.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Pleasurable Elements About Tasha Tudor {And Apple Torte Recipe}

My dear friends, 

I thought today would be a lovely time to spend a few minutes sending out some inspiration in consideration of living a joyful life. To relish in the simple, quiet moments of what I am presently pondering.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

How To Care For Your Hair The Victorian Way

My dear friends, 

I have wanted to do this post for quite some time. However, all things accordingly tend to give way at the surface edge in perfect timing, yes?

Mermaids don't live by watches, as the human folks do. {Smile} We do, however, use sands of an hourglass. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Transforming My Life Into A Victorian Lady

My dear friends,

As I have contemplated about what to write, I thought that to keep you abreast of what manner of pursuits I have been experiencing is a delightful way to share on this here ol' blog. For some reason, I feel more connected to you ladies in this atmosphere. I'm curious if I'm the only one. For us to be real friends, we must share life experiences, yes? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Pottering About With The Stafford's

My dear friends,

I am still in my nightgown, sitting up in bed with our snuggly down feather blanket, very excited about the Autumn season upon us. I have been resting since arriving home yesterday from all of the scheduled events of a funeral. I have heard that funerals mentally and physically wear you out, I believe that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Blogging Is Not Dead

My dear friends, 

I had an entirely different post planned; however, we received news that my dear beloved gardeners littlest brother had passed away, so we attended his services over the weekend. I just returned home and wanted to post this entry. I still wanted to write, as writing is always a tonic for me in my life. I think the topic of blogging is always a good one, so shall we discuss? {smile}

Thursday, September 19, 2019

My Old~Fashioned Victorian Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe {Receipt}

 My dear friends, 

I hope you are well. I have tea in hand and some pumpkin tea snaps. It never fails that when fall sets in, and the air is brisk in the evenings, I can not get enough of anything pumpkin flavoured. The only thing that I am not mainly in favour of is a pumpkin candle. Halloween is my most favourite holiday. What is your most favoured jubilee? I begin holiday music in October. If I am making festivity gifts, I will inevitably put on A Happy Victorian Christmas or Enya holiday, to encourage my frame of mind.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

How I Make {DIY} My Victorian Notebooks And Organize Manuscripts

 My dear friends,

My oh my! I was out today snipping away at the creeping fig on the cottage to keep it tidy and adorable, especially since we still have many folks each day looking at the house. We had three showings today, two yesterday and five offers. I am hopeful one sticks, and we sell promptly. I love our little home, but I feel a fresh start is due for my Beloved Gardener and I.  

Why Instagram Is Making So Many People Miserable

I am having a cup of cold tea, while I write this morning. As I was meditating and jotting down some beautiful analogies for my autobiography, "The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale", I thought I might share with you a few thoughts on social media and why perhaps the opinions of others towards some folks hold meaning. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Our Emotional Scales Are Unfailingly Our Vibrational Touchstones

My dear friends, 

I thought to share a little story with you. I just made the long jaunt to the nearest UPS store to mail several of my Mermaidlings/Little Women paintings, and as you know, I am using Poppins, my bicycle. 

I awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, placed my hair in a side updo, and pinned it with many kirby grips, to keep those little stray hairs from falling into my eyes while riding. I had readily prepared by searching the internet to see what time the store opened. I was all set, and away I went. Upon arriving at the store, I noticed a little note taped upon the front of the glass door, which read "No internet." I parked Poppins {my bicycle} to the side, placed her kickstand down and walked inside. I noticed the lights were on, so I was hopeful in the shipping of said packages. 

Upon entering the store, a charming curly, sandy blond-haired girl was leaning in a chair, playing on her cellular phone with her legs kicked up on a small table. A brusque man was sitting behind the counter with his legs also kicked up on a table. I asked if I might mail some packages with which he replied, "No, our internet is down." I said, okay. He responded, it'll be back on this afternoon, or you can go down the road to the next UPS store and use theirs. I replied, "I am on a bicycle". Oh, he said. I walked out and was standing at the window while I contemplated my subsequent step. I asked myself, "Should I just go home or try and bicycle two and a half more miles to the nearest USPS?"

I then walked back in and asked if I might buy a booklet of stamps. I was holding my reticule, and I knew I had sufficient cash for a brochure of stamps if I were buying from the USPS, and I also had my debit cards. The man behind the counter said no, I can't sell them to you. I walked out, and immediately the spritely young gal came out and said, " We actually can sell you a book of stamps". I said, oh, good thank you. She held out the stamps and then said, "That will be 9.24". I had the funds for a booklet that generally costs me 8 at the USPS. I didn't realise how much more their prices were, so I offered my debit card. The man didn't look up, and the young girl said, "Can we take her debit card when he replied no, "OUR INTERNET IS DOWN."

I looked squarely at him and said, "I think you should close your store." He pointed to the sign on the door and said I have a note, so why would I do that? I said, "Because you aren't capable of serving your patrons." He said, "Well, have a good day." I said, "Thank you." At that moment, I nearly broke down in tears, but I mustered inner strength, gathered myself together and peddled back home. Even though it was a bit longer, I took the scenic route. I knew that if I were able to enjoy the scenery, I would talk myself right back into a fabulous mood, which I did. I was out of breath, and to clarify my state of affairs, I live in Florida, where the temperature felt like one hundred and seven degrees, and I was wearing a dress with a corset, so my defences were down. I made it back home, rifled through my billfold and retrieved what leftover holiday stamps I had. I stuck a ridiculous amount on each envelope and crammed them in the mailbox. I came back in, and as best I could slump down on the sofa {with a corset on} sighed {ahhhh}.

I share this story with you for several reasons, and I will demonstrate with a few more accounts, to bring the conclusion of a tale about momentum, and energetic vibrations. 

If I chose to, I could have just shared that story with you and chalked it up to bad timing, the man behind the counter was daft, devoutly state I was mistreated and that all shoddy things happen to me. However, I am one to take ownership of myself, comprising of my energy. I'm abiding when I try fervently to live my truth, action accountable with vibrations and life as a whole. 

Now, hours later, having sat down and looked over the situation, I was able to recognise what happened. Nothing went wrong, even though it seems like it did, I know better. All the experiences in our lives are teaching us how to better clarify what we desire in life, and Source/God/Universe is weaving us in and out to do so. 

The bicycle trip was another example of me resting on oriented moves of physical action, as opposed to placing myself into alignment before the ride initially. I had a preceding negative approach. In preparation this morning, I had mentally thought to myself, I despise this situation. I was upset, for something other than the lack of a vehicle. I will share that particular with you in a moment. 

Me and Oliver TwistyTopsy
This gave me a reason to reflect this morning upon returning home from the UPS store. Yesterday, Jeffrey and I had received news that for the second time the contract on our sale purchase was cancelled. As I was trying to console myself from this blow, I recalled an Abraham Hicks workshop. I had remembered hearing of a man that was in the hot seat and was telling Abraham how he had his home on the market for over two years and for some reason he could not get the house sold, and he was so frustrated about it. Abraham then asks him how he feels vibrationally about the home at the moment. He began rattling off how much it needs work, his family has grown out of it, there are no kids for his kids to play with anymore, etc. Then Abraham asked about his emotions when first buying the home. He got a smile on his face and spoke of all the family gatherings they shared, how much they loved going to get new plants/ trees, and how exciting it was for them as a family. Abraham then said to him, right now, you are vibrationally sending out to others, "Come buy this piece of crap I no longer want!" Comparatively to how he used to feel about the home, it is his job to then change his vibration, and the house would sell. Well, the conclusion to that story is that one week after this workshop, the man sent word through an email that he had worked on his vibrational energy, and his house sold. So I began thinking about my vibrational energy towards my own home, and what I am sending out on an emotional scale. Isn't that the truth of it? We frequently go about life without realising our energy is off. We think just because we get up and put our hair in a cute side updo, and look presentable that all is well, however, looks are deceiving. We might as well come around to understanding we can "fool" many folks with an act of seemingly doing well, but we will never fool the Universe/God/Source. Everything is vibrational, and there are no two ways around it. After resting with myself for a time and working a focus wheel, I now realise I have had mixed emotional vibrations with regards to my dear little home. Soon it will be a matter of sufficient timing to get back onto my delightful seafaring voyage of happiness.

I share these experiences with you to remind myself visually of how I am doing on my transformational journey, as well as to hopefully inspire others to observe their own lives.

This morning I told my dear gardener of my synopsis and how even though I live the law of attraction and teach the law of attraction, it will forever be ongoing in our earth life learning. As much as the quote is cliche, it is about the voyage, not the destination. I am so appreciative of the ability to see these experiences as a way to autocorrect.
Aren't these girls just as cute as can be? Their mother sent me these photos of their painting reveals and I just HAD to show you their darling little faces.  

I wanted to show you two separate photos and get your opinions. I know the coloured one is delightful, but I also think the sepia one is delightful too. I am attempting to determine if sepia and black and white images would be more suitable to my blog. If we look back at the Victorian days, they didn't have coloured pictures and If I'm attempting to create an actual Victorian blog, wouldn't the photos be better suited in what would have appeared then? You tell me. I would love your opinion. 

This is the new sign for The English Settlement. Isn't it a delight!

I also wanted to share a few books that I am currently loving.

~Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life: The Plants and Places That Inspired the Classic Children's Tales: Marta McDowell

~The 1885 Edition of Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms: The How-To-Do Everything Book of Victorian America: Thomas E. Hill

~Red: A History of the Redhead: Jacky Colliss Harvey

~ Tasha Tudors Heirloom Crafts: Tovah Martin

~The LittleHouse Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories: Barbara M. Walker

~The Beatrix Potter Country Cooking Book: Sara Paston-Williams

~The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A facsimile reproduction of a 1906 naturalist's diary: Edith Holden

~The Trade of Authorship: Wolstan Dixey {Victorian}

Most Affably Yours Til My Next Swim, Raquelxxx

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