Thursday, December 17, 2020

An Ode To England And The Victorian Era

Good morning my darlings. It's just gone past 8 am, and the glow of daylight has been having a go with me forthwith. I have steadily repeated the affirmation that we are having a very cold Christmas such as the year of 1989. I have been longing for a wintery season for a happy Christmas. It seems to be working just now. We had one of the coldest days this far in almost a year. Are you pining for some unfulfilled dreams and are you in agreement that quirks sound prettier in British English? I hear every word I speak with pronunciation articulation, and they ring with a sound of posh and refinement. After seizing the moment of British English, I'm much more inclined to have the distinct recognition of language, and all of it makes me the happiest person living. I think a creative vocabulary makes life all the more magical. I remember being a wee little girl and noting to higher consciousness/ (God) (really, when I was a little girl I spoke to Jesus) I wanted to have a beautiful language. One of flurry, and fancy! I had want of articulation and a fountain of word variety that set me apart from others. I'm on cracking form. Well done me! There's no reason we can't change, or create pretty words with new meanings. The world is our oyster.

Why? I don't know; perhaps it has always been within me to hang back to my British roots of origin. You know I have come to learn that we desire particulars in this present life. If it comes manageable for us, the explanation is that when reincarnated those particles of our God-like higher consciousness memory (which we don't remember while mortal), and the lives we lived prior are seeping in through the cracks. Some folks fall back into a lifestyle of the past or love the past with exuberance. Our consciousness has touched on it, and it knows. Doesn't that put things, right? I jolly well believe so! Indeed, It does for me, and I'm reminded of Tasha Tudor. Do you recall Tasha Tudor invariably spoke in interviews of how when she pops her clogs, she was not frightened at all, and she was taking back off to the 1830s? She also spoke of how living old fashioned wasn't an arduous task for her; in fact, she said it came very quickly. I feel comparable in that I have acclimated to Victorian life quite quickly.

To be truthful, I find it easier to live with simplicity than I do all the luxuries of modern life. (Except for dental, now there's nothing quite like an atmosphere when one has dental difficulties.) I recall on several accounts; the first was when I went without refrigeration for three months, and I wasn't in the least unnerved by it. It's as if my soul knew how to survive, and I knew what to do intuitively. Or the time we had no electricity or gas for over two weeks and I managed. Whereas numerous folks of this world might be crushed without such luxuries/needs, I knew what to do and that made me halt and ask the crucial query as to why such tasks were curiously natural and straightforward. I suppose that's why I have invariably wished to experience many things because perhaps I'm meant to be a preceptor and inspire others along the way. The kind folks we meet along our life travelled country roads have a way of encouraging us along to know we are forever heard, understood and loved no matter. So if I might inspire you, my dear friend, always be mindful of that for yourself. I may often seem aloof or even at times a Mrs Sharp that has escaped my box. However, the difference is that I desire to help others as I know what feeling alone and misunderstood feels like and desire to encourage others to tell of their significance and power to create lives they love living. Even although we may not get on in some areas I know, we'd be dear pals because I like you. You might say, but Raquel dear, you don't know me, darling, but I would respond with," oh, that isn't true at all, now is it?" I do know that if you read my writings, we get on quite well, you know. After all, you wouldn't linger over the pudding if we didn't feel similarly (smile).

I'm making my daughter Zoë Kennedy a small-sized Victorian crazy quilt from Sawyers clothing. (Heres a small picture of a portion). I told her what I was doing, and she has requested it before Christmas; however, it's such a lengthy manner that It's not looking too promising to be finalised by Christmas. The hand stitching is very tedious and lengthy. I may have to alter the type of quilt. Perhaps a nice old-fashioned one and leave the crazy bits for another time. I have been spending my evenings by candlelight, and it's a bit cumbersome to fiddle about with stitches for hours on end by kerosene. I make no bones about it, and indeed I could work by electricity but what's the fun in that. I should elucidate something here. My entire family does not see the beauty in the lack of utilising modern accommodations, so yes, indeed they entirely do use modern conveniences.

In contrast, my folks, my beloved gardener and I live together; however, I'm not going to suggest they should not use electricity to inspire my book writing. I do what's best for my private quotidian pursuits, and I strive to keep in alignment with what encourages my authenticity as a Victorian writer (to the best of my abilities). If I'm in the main cottage, I rarely use electricity in my sleeping room. I use candles and kerosene lamps as much as possible. Otherwise, I go out to Scarlette Rose Cottage, and that always sets me right. If there is no option for running water (as of yet it has no current plumbing), one doesn't have a choice. However I will tell you that it does have the capabilities in place, it's just a matter of reconnection, as the cottage has been sitting for year's and hasn't been liveable. That will all change once it's nearer to completion as I am building a small outhouse privy version with a toilet. The luxury of modern convenience or lack thereof has a way of putting one's back up. I do all of this because it makes for an excellent and convincing writer. How else could I explain to you in my novel what it feels like for my lordship to remove my corset by cutting the lace harshly against my opaque skin unless I've been laced uptight? I suppose I could pretend and do my best in words, but living, breathing and wearing the clothing or living as if of that period feels more distinct and believable. Do you recall some time ago I wrote a post about a Victorian series of books that my friend suggested and I began reading them, but then laid them aside because they were rubbage? The woman's writings were forced and inauthentic.

I've continued on my quest to keep up my avid collecting of books, and I wanted to share a few with you. Bear with me as my obsession worsens.

I. Mind Your Manors: Tried and True British Household Cleaning Tips, by Lucy Lethbridge. This book is fantastic for knowledge of what made households gleam for centuries with white-glove approval.

II. An Ideal Kitchen: A wonderful guide for all who would be good housekeepers. It shares details about how to set up a Victorian kitchen to function for optimal advantage.

III. Looking for Anne of Green Gables: The story of L.M. Montgomery and her literary classic.

"We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime." -- Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Little House on the Prairie book set needs no introduction. I've read these books since I was a wee little girl and yet when I relocated I never bought another set for my home library until a few months ago. My mum was stating that she had devoured up the books I had loaned her to read which were (Pride and Prejudice, Withering Heights and Jayne Eyre) so I wanted to uncover more books for occupying her mind. Unbeknownst to me, she had never read the Little House books, so I took to Etsy, bought a set, and she's nearly finished. I think she has one more to read.

I opted to set up the Victorian tree in the sitting room, making this Christmas a bit more manageable to take down in January. This Christmas season has been a bit anticlimactic. Although I am reminded of what magic feels like when I turn the Victorian Christmas music on, light an evergreen fir candle in the cottage window and set to baking gingerbread. Indeed the way to wage those wars is to find something that always makes one feel good and milk it no end. This is the art of taking joy and personifying the desires of one's heart.

I've not been mysteriously vacant, as a last resort for holding a secret I've just been illustrating Sawyers book {The Tale of Sawyer Lamb} and feel very much inclined to stay sat on this wave of emergence and full-throttle pleasure. I shall come up for a moment of breathing space at the appointed time.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Friday, December 4, 2020

Penguin Random House: How The Labourers Of Penguin Random House Are Trying To Catch Em' Out!

Now mind you, before I begin this punchy post, and you give me a black mark, I'm more than prepared to serve you with a bit of proper notification. This post will prove more than sufficient where value is concerned. It's not beneath my dignity to explain my reasons for sharing at times a more natured severe entry for when my heart prevails upon me to impart this piece of information I empower myself to do so.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Change Is Afoot At The Cottage

Despite all that is occurring most notably in the world, I focus on my capabilities of finding joy and last evening was no different. You may think in reading my blog that I'm fashioned towards keeping my head in the sand and blissed-out living, and you are quite right. Here's my thought on it before proceeding into this post.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Why Folks Have Lost The Plot

I read an article recently where a political figure was having a go at mainstream media and reporting with intense outrage about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Why I Took A Personal Voyage Of Self Discovery {And Everyone Must Likewise, According To Me}

Once upon a time, there was a place where a dark side mired my thoughts. As cobwebs weaved with lack and sorrow, they crept in and settled house in the corners of my mind. The feelings that pronounced themselves so firmly upon my heart with a gloomy and unwanted cloud arose from somewhere deep within. However, I knew I was a woman of ultimate capacity. Those unfavourable feelings when they emerge are essential in immediately being removed, for if not promptly, they begin imprinting upon our emotions; creating an undesirable actuality from exemplifying. Too often, as a young girl, I would allow the discord of my thoughts to become a whirlpool, circling back again, imprinting feelings of worthlessness, dislike, and insufficiency. Although riddled with guilt and fear, I innately knew these feelings could not be accurate nor favourable, I had to understand myself, and I went about a deep-dive voyage. I left the shore of conformity; determined to comprehend that if being raised to believe that God is so unconditional in love for me then why did my actions of trying so arduously and following a course in religion, never create lasting impressions of feeling happy. There had to be another answer, for none prior resonated entirely or accurately with me. I had such a warped understanding, although the intentions were well-meaning. I had become conditioned to believe a narrative so profoundly opposite of my inner being. After years of pinching off my authentic truth, knowing that my dreams and desires had taken flight, I had been through enough and determined to turn it right. When I have become fed up, surely my pretty relations can attest there's no stopping my tenacity once I've taken hold.

I am constantly in want of understanding my world. This time was no different; and after much contrast, I reemerged with knowledge (the keys of the kingdom, so to speak), having discovered all I had been taught was no longer my truth. For me, conceivably something that felt so terrible within me could not have wielded true. Innately I knew better, and I went on a voyage to unearth that truth. Today I am the most excellent version of myself. Every day is a fun and exciting new adventure. I've not tired of this new narrative of satisfied with now, but always quite properly eager for more. I no longer feel the portrayal of tying up my life living with a pretty little box packaged of perfection, with a nice silken bow to accompany. So often I've witnessed landlocked folks believe that in this life there is a "getting it done."  There is no getting it done, nor will there ever be, life is for presently living in the now. Folks have been so misled in believing that once possessing money, perfect children, perfect marriage, attained the facade of perfectly imperfect righteous living, or overcome trials and adversity; etcetera is when happiness occurs. And if this life doesn't fill that description, we were then taught to believe all the joy we will experience will await us in the afterlife. Because if you're anything like I was in religion, I couldn't figure out why so many folks looked to be having a blast in life, ”not following the rules (or commandments)” and yet here I was doing everything right, but still absolutely miserable. When we transition, we will continue onward in an eternity of expansion and reemergence again and again. This knowledge for me is, so life-giving. I have such a renewed sense of understanding of what this world was created for, and it's not what so many believe it to be. However, are we not all on a personal voyage, and we will all eventually come round to know this for ourselves. For me, coming to know my new found treasured truth relieved the pressure, and now that flurry of hurry no longer accompanies me. Well done me!

A feeling of continuous joy has taken up permanent residence in my soul. There is no more room in the inn of my soul for any more feelings of inadequacy, lack or feeling wretched. If I were capable of bottling up my feelings, an entire world of oceans could not contain it. For today when reciting the notion, I speak with boldness and with an entirety of unapologetic confidence. We ALL have this advantage, and I fully intend to speak of it at every allotted opportunity. If you ever want to know what's holding you back from the inner being of your life path, you've swum to the right place. I desire to inspire you each to know your potential and that you and you alone are the God/Goddess of your life. You have all the control to be the woman or man you desire to be. I enjoy writing, and I know that you'll always be able to return to my writings and find what you're seeking. Take notes and reference accordingly. This blog is full of valuable content, and I fully intend you will thoroughly enjoy it and that it will resonate with you on a deepened scale of unconditional love.

Suppose you're new here to my little blog, welcome. I say little, but I do have over 20,000 landlocked folks visiting this little blog monthly. Saying" little blog" is my way of creating oneness and a feeling of quaint. (I believe you know my personality by this time.) I'm so happy you're here. I indeed intend for you to return and swim around. Undoubtedly and most assuredly you'll find what you're seeking.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Why Trust and Alignment IS Essential In A Mermaid’s Manifesting Tale

In my quest to remain current on the ensuing genre of writing; which is spirituality, I've seen a new "craze" occurrence on YouTube of spiritual LOA (Law of Attraction) teachers popping up everywhere. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Acting As If, Where Our Money Beliefs Originally Set Our Life’s Course And How To Shift The Sails

Ninety per cent of a personal transformation is self-awareness.

I recall several years ago when I would listen to Abraham Hicks (law of attraction speaker) teachings on Acting As If, I truly felt it was an impossibility for me. That simple statement played out precisely as expected; however, I decided not to wallow in lamentation.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Curious Mind Of Raquel Carter: How I'm Wielding Patreon To Leave A Legacy, Continue Doing What I Love, And Much More!

A few years ago, I penned my first book. Still, previous to that I began this (newish) dear ol’ blog that I love to bits, which is my bread and butter along with being an authoress and illustrator, however as the years have passed, I began to take notice of the lack of interior designing/artistry that I moreover have an infinite love. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rachel Hollis: Girl, Tell the Truth! {Actually, You Did See This Coming}

The other day I came upon my dearly Beloved Gardener watching Good Morning America. Besides Downton Abbey continuously on an endless loop, I'm not much of a tele watcher; however, I did happen to see Rachel Hollis's segment promoting her book "Didn't See That Coming." 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Your Manifestational Life Should Be Like A Maiden Voyage {Or Better Yet, The Eating Of An Icecream Cone}

I feel as if I'm a fish back in the water, which is wholeheartedly supreme. I felt quite ill yesterday, and it turned me rather right into creating a lovely metaphor post about our life's primary voyages and disembowelling the notion of enjoying the voyage. I'll not savour its delights for another day. I wanted to share it with you now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Feather In My Cap And Explanation Of My New Found Understanding

I am going to speak my heart, and if you understand this message is meant for you. A fortnight ago, I had fallen apart and began wailing on like a schoolgirl who couldn't make my dolls cooperate. Something happened; I felt such a lack of reason as I had begun to muddle my manifesting priorities. I had tried this and that, but oftentimes my desires were unyielded. It triggered apart of me no end. I'm never down for long, however, at that moment my plight to understand my frustrations on manifesting inconsistency gave way. I began tampering with ideas and techniques of such practises that I had used that did, in fact, work. I then began cutting the fat, so to speak on the processes that I knew weren't tools that increased my advantages of manifesting consistently.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

An Artfully Confident Self~Concept And Why My Teachings Have Changed

How was your week? Jeffrey and I had a lovely weekend, which we always do. Firstly, we went to Tampa and picked out a massive amount of plants and trees for a huge landscaping job we'll be creating next week. And then Jeffrey and I went to my dear cousins and picked up our new little chicks. They are thriving, happy and healthy.

Monday, August 24, 2020

How To Manifest Like A Magical Mermaid

When I first began practising the law of attraction, I was like most landlocked folks. I would start seeing number sequences, manifesting lights in traffic turning green, seeing signs of three white Lexus cars in a row (it's random, but that's what I told the universe I wanted), birds, rainbows, heart-shaped rocks, and small amounts of money would show up, etc. However, after you begin manifesting those type of little things, those things become boring, and we are naturally inclined to want to start manifesting the more significant desires.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Why I'm Following My Heart And Creating My Very Own Series On Ye Olde YouTube Called" The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tales."

For me to tell you why I've decided to create this next adventure, I should have to explain the full story, which led to my decision.

Hold your hat; because several years ago, I was an avid viewer of the network Bravo channel. There was a reality show called "Southern Charm." From my understanding initially, the executive producer of that show is a lad named Whitney, and his mother is named Patricia.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Art Of Connectivity And What Instagram Taught Me About My Vibration

As I lay in my sleeping room bed, all nestled in, something inside of me had shifted. I looked over at my beloved husband with salted tears, and said, "I've such a longing for connectivity with so many people, Jeffrey. I have a forlorn longing within my soul. I think I'm ready to forgive women as a whole, and men too. My heart is ready to soar sky-high." He kissed my forehead and said, "he loved me and that everyone that truly knows me can't help but love me." I thought that was so kind. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Let Your Cork Float {My Mermaid Testament At Weeki Wachee Springs}

As I checked the tattered wooden clipboard and wrote down my name, I then slowly scanned the swim dock, more than 60 (mostly young) girls stood to wait with excitement. We were all trying out to be a Weeki Wachee Springs mermaid. This tryout would be my second time around, except this time I was 44 and not the young spritely 17 years old like I was over three decades prior.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Recreating The Bedroom At Hilltop Farm (The Beatrix Potter Way)

 I am tickled conch shell pink with excitement! Firstly that today is Beatrix Potter's Birthday, and secondly that I am bringing you this lovely idea of mine in which I am recreating Beatrix Potter's bedroom from Hilltop into my bedroom here at Carter's Cottage. 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

An Open Letter To The CopyCats And Friend Poachers

[I wrote this post most notably for a friend that reads my blog. It's been sitting in my drafts file for about four months, but I had someone reach out to me through email just last evening, and I decided to finish up and publish it. So I will attempt to blend it, however, invariably I wrote half the day it happened to me and the other half this morning.]

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Art Of Slow Living, A Ms Tittlemouse Rat Race, And Sawyers Birthday Celebration

[This was written on June 5, {where it was left in my draft file} Regardless, though, I felt inspired to post it. I hope you glean something from it.]

I've been spending my time in the slow living accomplishments of simplicity, which isn't unlike how I spend most all of my days.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Art Of A Quarterboard And The Naming Of Homes {An Olde British Nautical Tradition}

I'm so happy to be back after a week of working on a vast paint job. I'm not sure you had seen my stories last week on Instagram, but I'm finished now, and I realised something beautiful after having gotten that job. I realised that I don't like working for other people. As kind as they might be, it takes me away from my dreams of authoring my books, painting and working on The Carter Settlement. The money isn't worth it to me, regardless of how good the pay is, I'm now going to be saying no to all of them. I look at it like this; if it's not bringing my career forward, then I'm out. It's that simple. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Victorian Prairie Bonnet And The Value Of Rest

I'm still convalescing. {Hey, even if I weren't on the mend I still spend a copious amount of time in bed.} I love my sleeping room, and I make no apologies for it. Do you like to sleep or lay in bed, to rest and relax? You can ask my mum I've loved sleep since birth. {And yes, if you're curious as to why I write like I'm British it's because I've spent these last two months immersed in my pronunciation course. And my teacher admonishes me to consistently write and speak British English which will create an exceptional accent.}

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Faffing, Pottering And Plans For Our Victorian Workers Cottage Of 1851

 Oh my! I have so many things to share. I've been busy as a bee. I've had an outpouring of little Women/Mermaidling bespoke painting orders, and in between painting and fine-tuning the manuscript of The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, I've been labouring on endless undertakings at the cottage. From cleaning the chicken coop and run to clearing out the old garden, and sewing some new work (1850's) dresses I've been quite active. Since becoming severely dehydrated, I've been convalescing. Whilst sitting in my bed, I took a gander at a few Instagram feeds from the explore page, and I rightfully cannot fathom how these youthful mums have the stamina and ability to churn out so much content. I even made a small mention to my mum yesterday while having tea, and she retorted with," Raquel, you used to be that hyperactive when you had your four small children too."

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Rachel Hollis- Girl, You Should Apologize

[The day this news broke, I shared my heated feelings about it on my podcast. If you'd like to listen to that instead, here's the link. It's full of profanity, so consider yourself warned if you have a visceral reaction to cursing. Writing is more suited for me, so I wanted to share my thoughts about this in written form, and now that I've cooled down a bit, I was able to piece my words together like a normal human being. Smile.]

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." 

I knew it. I saw this divorce coming several years ago. The New York Times best-selling author and Disney dad that everyone thought had the best marriage {except for me, apparently,} are, yes indeed, you guessed it, divorcing. All one would have to do is pay close attention to the added and amped up hugging, kissing photos, sweet talk, curated marital banter and fake pictures for social media to see this trainwreck coming head-on. Why do I know this so well, you ask? Because I also lived this type of marriage with my ex-ill suited mate. He was notorious for this type of behaviour. These folks care more about what the world thinks and sees than what is truth staring down the barrel. It's artificial. And whereas I don't have anger towards my ex-ill suited mate or Rachel Hollis at this juncture, I feel it's necessary to be blatantly open and transparent with my friends {aka readers}. It's also a way of being truthful with myself, which is essential to my well being and expansion. Rachel Hollis and a person such as my ex-ill suited mate, aren't going to give you the truth.  They are going to give you what they want you to see. I'm honest with folks, and even if that makes someone uncomfortable, I'm still going, to be honest. I'm not here to sugar coat a narrative for anyone. The emotional cost is too high, and I am surely not in the business of allowing myself to be silenced all for the sake of "thinking about others feelings." I have learned early on that mentality unequivocally does not work for me at all.

We can always look back and reflect on why some things trigger us and others do not. A lack of transparency from others has been in my craw for some time, and I'm sure it's still the residuals of my previous marriage. I'm moving past it, but I wanted to point out some variables to grow from this experience. You know me all too well, and one thing I'm always doing is leaning in on what everything in life is here to do, which is to teach us and help us grow, even when It's me being pissed about a random writer in Texas. 

I know some folks love Rachel Hollis; however, I do not. I am sure she's a delight; however, from my personal experience of chatting with her on numerous occasions, she came off a bit snobby and acted as if I was beneath her. That turned me a bit, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. My mum taught me manners. Many of the women who follow Rachel noticeably  {in my opinion} have low self-worth. What's in my craw is that Rachel preys on weak-minded women from backgrounds where It's not socially moral to be a confident woman. Rachel's demographic is similar to her fathers' Pentecostal congregation, which is fueled by feelings of superiority and that notion of " lean on me, as I'm a much better and smarter person than you. And you need me {and my books and seminars} to get to where it is that you're going mentality.” Here's what happens internally to these so-called fans. Women put too much importance on folks like Rachel Hollis by placing them on a pedestal which is further detrimental to their self-worth. Women do not need a woman like Rachel Hollis to achieve what they desire. They need to turn that love onto themselves and believe that they also have the same level of importance. If Rachel was confident herself and really intended to encourage women of their own self-importance and personal power, she would lift these women to all greater heights. It's the case of I'll lift you until I see you growing, but you can't grow more than me. The next time you notice this in another, take it as a warning. We all are a product of higher consciousness {God/Source} just like every human being in the world. No one stands superior to us.  Her books are specifically placed in the Christianity section of all bookstores. This is because most folks who act like they have all the self-worth and confidence in the world most often do not, and they can fool women of faith with that narrative. People with the lowest self-esteem have this pretend confidence and amplify it by appearing better than others and stand on moral high ground. Where most folks "get on" by thinking or acting as If they are better and have all of life figured out are actually the ones that have the least figured out. You know the old adage, " Those who scream the loudest have the most to hide." If two things get my goat, it is hypocrisy and inauthenticity. Rachel Hollis is these two things in a nutshell. Honestly, and how great of a writer is she if she spent an entire chapter {in an attempt to be relatable, in which she has now forfeitted} on how she passes gas and has bowel movements. {Someone posted that book excerpt on youtube.}That is not good writing. It's daft. 

We are never going to get all of life done and complete. This is not what Pentecostal preachers (Rachel's father) teach us.  They pretend they have all of life figured out, and now we common folk should come along for the ride. If we can see life like that, as never-ending and it's all a process that continually unfolds, we will be much happier people. We don't have to have everything figured out, and that's the sheer beauty of it all. We didn't come to get it done, but the world would have us think otherwise. Let us begin today by taking everyone off of the pedestal and begin looking inward. I suggest you place yourself on the pedestal.  

Whereas Rachel is liked and admired by many, she is like everyone else; and no respecter of persons.  It's time women start believing in their own power and abilities and stop thinking other women like Rachel Hollis are better, more knowledgeable and superior than them. This world is full of powerful women. I am going to spend my life in this service. I will inspire millions to know this for themselves too. We are all Mermaid Goddesses. 

I've got to be honest here. As I write this and edit, I've lost nearly all of my steam for this post. So I'll end it here with the most significant takeaway that I learned from this news. Which is that I now know I am going to write much better and more prolific books than Rachel Hollis. My books are authentic and transparent. I'm not going to placate an audience for the sheer desire of selling books. My books are honest and, most importantly, laced with self-confidence,  empowerment and practical tools for achieving all of life's desires. My books are joyful and optimistic. They are not downtrodden, off-putting, nor sewn with self-importance and inferiority. We must be reminded of our very own power. To lean on ourselves and our own Mermaid Inner Being and leave the rest. It also showed me where I stand vibrationally with my "so-called report card." I have grown massively from where I stood emotionally just a short time ago. Comparatively, I am growing by leaps and bounds, and truthfully that's what this whole earth life experience is for me, to expand. Trust yourself and make being happy your only intention. 

I would have really appreciated it if Rachel Hollis were to have simply stated her truth and took accountability. I think that's all folks have ever wanted.  Still, she didn't take that road. If she continues living in a cloud of mist, she will surely self sabotage her entire career full stop.   

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Thursday, June 4, 2020

How I Use Beatrix Potter And Tasha Tudor's Philosophy To Manifest My Dreams

"Life isn't long enough to do all you could accomplish. And what a privilege even to be alive. Despite all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is. Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think about what you would think. The wonder of it!"
— Tasha Tudor

Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Age Of Enlightenment {Our New World}

[I wrote this post last year originally, and then yesterday, the president signed the executive order earmarking social media, seeking to change section 230. Once in effect, the law would also, limit government funding and the taxpayer's money given to social media platforms. We may see drastic changes concerning how the world looks at social media if even our most popular social media platforms stick around entirely. I blush to admit it, I am quite interested to see what it will reveal when It's time to draw a line under this whole unfortunate episode.]

{UPDATED: Original Post-May 2020}

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Home Is Where My Heart Is, And That Means No More Compromising

A friend texted me yesterday and wanted to catch up. She asked me where I was now living, and I said with my folks. Yes, in what some have said is a one-horse, dead-end town. But, oh, how I disagree, and how much wish I could convince my dear friends that leaving their hometown is not the way to find the happiness they're seeking. We can't ever find happiness in things or places before we discover it within ourselves. I should know. I spent numerous years running (moving) from one place to another, believing that a different house, in a different town or state, was going to make me happy and never once did that occur. The most satisfying home I ever lived in besides the family home I'm in now was in Alabama.

Friday, May 22, 2020

May Days And Swimming Through Mothering Guilt

I had a massive inspired moment as if God precisely reached down and placed within my mind the ideas that were quite rapidly pinging as fast as I could type. I wish I could explain in detail what occurred with my authorship and the beautiful experiences that are springing forth in my life presently, but rather, I have no words. The best I might describe it is such as this: Have you ever felt this deep knowing and desire about something. Perhaps you've been moulding your dream into place for quite some time, and then there comes that moment one day, and it feels as though it has popped and you suddenly know with certainty your place and that all you'd hoped for you can see coming to be a reality? Precisely, that is what occurred at the weekend for me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Cartering About And Mr Sir Barbaric's Zucchini Bread {The Beatrix Potter Way}

The Beatrix Potter Way!

Everyone should have a hero! Don't you agree? One that they look up to just well enough to inspire them to reach for the stars and their hearts desires. We all can find ways of discovering those lovely souls that inspire and expand one's way of thinking. That's precisely what Beatrix Potter does for me each day. I find each day that we are surely capable of finding our happy place? We find something that pleases the punch out of us and milk it for everything it's worth. That's also another way the law of attraction works and brings our desires to us tenfold. Everyone pretty much knows that if you find joy in something and you keep practising that thing that brings you joy, it grows and becomes more substantial and durable.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Remaining Steadfast Regardless Of Ridicule

Have you read this post yet? If not, read it first. Then come back to this one. It'll make better sense. Trust me.
Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, now I can get on.

Last night Jeffrey arrived home, and I was in the thick of my British English classes. He said rather smug," Oh golly, I didn't think you were so serious about learning British. What if you begin speaking so well and never talk like an American again?" In which I replied," Oh, that's most assuredly my expectation, angel! And gleefully excited with my best British accent, I replied:" Are you having a go at me, darling?"

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Why Women Compete With Each Other {And It's Not What You Think}

Why Women Are ’Caught Up’ In Competing With One Another

It was brought to my attention the other day when a well-meaning reader of my blog shared information with me about another blogger. She told me to check out the blogger's site to see if she was on target with what she was seeing; it looked very similar to the things I am presently doing in my business and life. (Might I augment, it's invariably some unsuspecting person that informs me of such things and not by seeking them out myself.) Even although I had no indication what she was talking about, curiosity got the better of me, so I slivered over to catch a peek.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Harvesting Mustard Greens, Sewing Tasha Tudor Work Dresses and Victorian Garden Planning

Did you know that you can freeze fresh vegetables and bring them out months later and they're as fresh as the day you picked them from the garden? It's quite right. When my darling children were young little sprites, and my time was restricted for venturing out to the village market, I'd buy all that we needed from the grocer, bring it home, divide it up and freeze it, (such things as meats, milk, dairy, fresh garden vegetables & fruits). As you know, being a mum of 4, tending a small farm and being a homemaker is much much labour. So anything to assist in bearing up daily laborious pursuits was quite welcomed. Last month I washed some collards and mustard greens. I had picked so many that I decided to freeze the remaining batches. On Monday I decided to make them in the crockpot. I also made some rice, baby lima beans and dog bread. It's nice to put something on to slow cook, especially if there's much garden work to be done for the day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Truth Behind Why Johnny Depp Joined Instagram {According To Me}

If you've read this blog at any length, I needn't notify you of my one-sided connection with Johnny Depp. {Now, hold up. That sounds like Stalkerville, and that's not what I meant. Let me back up and begin again. I have always felt kindred emotions towards him. I'm quite sure It does not run both ways. The closest I ever was to Johnny was when he was on a Pirates of the Caribbean junket, and my ex-mate asked him to say “Hello Raquel” to me, which he did against his management requirements for press. I wish I knew what happened to that DVD. It's most likely in a landfill somewhere. I finally figured out one reason (I'm sure there are many) why I'm so captivated by him. My mama and I were prattling about it yesterday, and I think It's because “he reminds me of me”, {Doc Holiday in Tombstone describing Johnny Ringo} as well as my son Sawyer.
A spirited being, often misunderstood, loves music more than anything, eccentric, has a rebellious free will, for the most part, doesn't care what others think of him and has a neverending need to try and fix/rescue others/women. {Those are not all of the reasons, nonetheless I am attempting to keep this post under 2000 words. Err...}

Remember how many times I've said that I would always attract men that needed rescuing? I unconsciously did that many times because I longed to be saved. It's called mirroring, and every single person in the world does it.

I've heard all about the celebrities that have for many years ignored social media and have foregone joining. I suppose It's their attempt not to jump on the bandwagon of following the herd, so to speak. There's not many of them left that aren't on social media; I think for the most part a lot of them 'caved' under pressure, or maybe it was they felt FOMO {fear of missing out.} 

When I discovered last week that Johnny had joined Instagram, at long last, I was thinking back in February when I did another post about him, of how much I wish he were on some kind of social media. He's very ungetatable {yeah, that's a word, I just made it up}, but then again that is why I also like him, he's even more mysterious when he not attainable. Ya know? I like a mysterious lad. Now, all of this sounds very lust ridden with desires ripped from the pages of a romantic novel, but no, it's actually just a gal that likes a guy in the most brotherly sisterly kind of way. That's it folks—nothing to see here. Keep it movin’...

But back to the reason, in my opinion, that Johnny got an Instagram account. Besides, yes, there is a pandemic happening and where I think that may have something to do with it, I think It's a tiny thing to do with it. My suspicions tell me that he's been advised by someone on his team to get out ahead of the drama and his lawsuit against Amber Heard. While she's been out slandering and having a go at him every time we turn around, Johnny always stayed quiet. Until now. Because, well... he's a gentleman, but when dealing with a beast such as the one he's dealing with, this is a whole other animal, {and by animal I mean, we're not speaking of the sweet, docile elephants that Johnny so acutely loves}. He knows the lengths she will go to in an attempt to destroy him personally and professionally. He can no longer stay behind the scarlet velvet roped curtain and turn a blind eye because we all know how she's got a poker face. I have nothing against Amber; however, I have seen women like this many times. All signs point to her using Johnny for a come up. Like I always say, and something my momma taught me since childhood, " The cream always rises to the top, just give it a minute." 

I have a sneaking suspicion though that very soon we'll be saying, ”Here’s Johnny” and the colonel will come out of this clenching a ”Texas Holdem” flush! 

Attaboy, Johnny! 

Do you think Johnny joined Instagram because of the coronavirus like many are saying or for other reasons? I'm curious. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Monday, April 27, 2020

During A Pandemic Of Any KInd, A Survival Safety Net Is Essential

I’m not going to say it's not difficult for many, many folks. Look, I’m not the one to judge how another is handling lockdown or this pandemic. But in comparison to having your child murdered, well, yeah, an epidemic isn’t much of a catastrophic event from my perspective. And no, I’m not going to refrain from saying I feel this way, neither. I'm bullish that way. Whereas, I read daily of bloggers apologising profusely about their feelings on the virus and where some are continually complaining about dumb shit. Yes, I will be the one to say it. DUMB SHIT.  The complaining I cannot tolerate, but that's just me. I refuse to complain, for no other reason than It sounds whiney and victim-like, and those two things I am not! But that's just me. I've already told you that I have a lack of empathy nowadays, and {that's my own set of issues, not anyone else's... so yeah, let's get on.}

Friday, April 24, 2020

Why I’m Learning To Speak With A British English Accent

Wanna hear something funny?

When I told Jeffrey I was learning to speak with a British English accent and that I was taking classes. His response was:

”Baby, aren’t you afraid that people are going to think you’re a bit bonkers, like when Britney Spears shaved her head and began using a British English accent?”

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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